Friday, January 26, 2007

new song

I'm usually good for writing about one song a year... and for some reason that time has come...

I wrote and recorded a song today.

It came to me quickly... they hardly ever do that, but I ran with it... let me know what you think.... here is a link to the audio: slumber song

**please note that I recorded this on my laptop with the built-in microphone and did most of the traks in one take... it's no masterpiece to speak of, but I figure what good is it if I don't share it.

here are the lyrics:


where did we go wrong?
this time it feels so strong
we knew we'd give affection,
but we paid it no attention
now which way do we go?
this movement feels so slow
and something in my soul,
tells me I will never know
I will never know.

where did I go wrong?
now I write this slumber song
for years I've been sleeping,
but now my eyes they're weeping
now this I can't deny,
I've lived here with this lie
my thoughts will always go,
to how you always know
you, you always know.

you did nothing wrong,
now time is almost gone
you say a prayer, I echo
with pain inside we let go
what the heart may fail to see,
there my soul will always be
though you'll end up in my heart,
that's also where you start
that's also where you start.

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Cherie said...

Thanks for writing this.