Sunday, September 07, 2008


I found my ring... I'm not taking my eyes off it.

and football is back... I'm loving that.. and the fact that somehow my 15 dollar a month basic cable package includes ESPN and ESPN2.... score.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

life is good.

so a couple of stories for you from the last 9 days or so...
my wedding day:
about 11:30 am I start having back pains... I was golfing so I thought I threw out my back on my approach on the 9th hole. After 45 minutes or so of the pain growing greater and becoming increasingly uncomfortable, I notice my lower, right abdomen in great discomfort and pain as well... thinking my appendix will surely rupture at any second, I summon two friends (who were helping set up for the reception) to bring me to the nearest emergency room.... long story short: I had a kidney stone, passed it, made it to the chapel 45 minutes prior to wedding time, got hitched, the rest is history... good times, good story for the long haul..

fast-forward to last night:
I'm up at my dad's playing in the water with Andrew and David... we we're wrestling around and one of them accidentally pulls my wedding ring off in about 5 foot of mucky water... so... it's gone... if anyone knows a scuba-diver or has an under-water metal detector, please get a hold of me... I'm pretty bummed about it.

but besides that, married life has been pretty amazing... my wife packs me a lunch everyday for work, scratches my back, waters the flowers, etc. etc...

not everyone is this lucky...

I hope you enjoyed this segment of story time with uncle eric...