Wednesday, April 25, 2007

in the quiet

I'm a drifter.

my mind can never rest on one difinitive end. it's here or there or somewhere inbetween. this seems to happen mostly in the early hours of the morning while I'm trying to sleep... thought after thought after thought... drifting.

countless topics, random issues, not-so-random issues... they are always pestering me like a child who walks in on the middle of a movie and needs to know exactly what's going on (I know, because I still do this... right Doug?). So before I lose anymore sleep over it let me clear the mucky muck for you: I'm pissed off (sorry mom). I'm a pastor and I am publishing that...

I can't think of any better way to sum it up.

I'm not angry. I'm not mad. I'm just pissed (for the sake of the easily offended I will defer from using that word anymore in this post; I will now refer to it as P'd).

P'd that one insecure maniac would take the lives of 32 innocent college kids.
P'd that people sometimes just don't get it.... just don't get me... just don't get my good intentions.
P'd at divorce.
P'd at how selfish some people can be.
P'd about genocide.
P'd about AIDS in starving countries.
P'd about war.
P'd about parents who abuse their children.
P'd about wasted potential.

The list could go on.

When it's quiet I drift.

okay so I probably will still lose sleep whether I post this or not... it's just good to get it out there sometimes.

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Anonymous said...

Paul and I have been looking at pre-schools to send Ellie and we would almost like to postpone all of this because of how the world is. It Stinks. It is scarry to think about putting someone so little out there into the world... This is why we look forward to Christs return because people always dissapoint us, even our parents... Love your honesty Eric. Cadie Rae