Wednesday, November 14, 2007

thankfulness series: post one

Seeing that Thanksgiving is right around the corner I thought I would take some time in showing some appreciation for some of the people/things I am most thankful for… without further ado…

I am thankful for my beautiful mother. I have never known anyone more full of life and passion than this amazing woman. Her heart is so evidently displayed whenever she has something to share… most things being that of love and compassion for others… the way she talks about her friends who need Jesus and healing, orphaned babies in Romania, and especially her family. I don’t think I could even get started on how she feels about her family… I did not realize such love existed… I feel it every time I am around her, every time I hear her speak to me and every time I hear her speak about me. I love my mom deeper and richer than anything I have ever loved (next to Jesus)… Jesus may have loved me first, but my mother loved me the very second He spoke me into existence.
My mom has always been my biggest fan and number one supporter… If there is any self-confidence and social skills oozing from this once shy little blond haired, blue eyed, 45-pound five-year-old it’s because of what my mother has shown me. If there is any hint of respect and honor that I show girls it is because of what my mother has instilled in me. If there is anything I speak about truthfully or honestly, if there is any part of me that shows humility, integrity or if there were ways that prove me to be just, if there is anything inside of me that cries out for compassion, lives for joy or dreams for others, then I can not take any responsibility for these things. These are all things I have seen and continue to see displayed by my mother.
As I write this list, I can hear her specific words of counsel. My mom has always been so gifted in discerning right from wrong. There was never any question while I was growing up distinguishing between the two. It was always black and white and I am so grateful for being raised with that.
If you know my mom, I’m sure you all already know all of this and need to be reminded. If you don’t know my mom, I hope that now, you feel like you do… I would never want anyone else to take her place.


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Andrea Rudd said...

I echo your post...thank you for being able to put it so eloquently. We love you, mom!

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your mom is cool.