Thursday, January 05, 2006

2:13 am

Virginia will surely want to kill me for posting this picture of her for the entire blogger nation to see, but it is one of my favorites... I took this of her one night as we were saying goodbye before I went home from Nate and Lindsey's. That's where her and her family were staying the past 2 weeks. She thinks she doesn't look good here in her 'comfy clothes' and all ready for bed, but that's when I think she looks the cutest. Knowing that I would not have many of those moments over the next 8 months I decided to capture that particular moment in time... I hate saying goodbye... Now she's gone again and I'm left with just memories, images and anticipation of the next time I'll see her. I'm in love and I don't care who knows!


Jerry DePoy Jr. said...

"I'm in love, and I don't care who knows it!'
- The famous self-destructive words of the sexiest news anchor on the planet.

Wags said...

It was Will Ferrell, but in the movie Elf, not Anchorman... (: