Monday, April 17, 2006



Two weeks of...



Anonymous said...

boy, youll be busy with missions work the next 2 weeks.

see ya at the airport
- tim

David Drury said...

happy fer ya. can't wait to see you again.

What happened in west michigan while you were away:
1) Nate got a double vasectomy (not really, but this is an inside joke you'll have to ask him about)
2) The no money poker club took up feeding the poor at the mission on Sunday nights in honor of you.
3) The Lobby went weekly (without any much needed help from you because you were off being missional and all that!)
4) Pete talked about your return from Africa as though it was comparable to the resurection of John Lennon.
5) An roughly estimated 75 real ministry seniors decided to go to IWU and work in churches like I do when they grow up.
6) We all cruised your blog in our free time.

-David (who ignominiously put Wags on his top ten april links list but is still gettin no linkbacks from the pseudo missionary hobo)

Jerry DePoy Jr. said...

I can't spell it, but I'm making the sound of a whip.

When are you coming home? Can't wait to hear all about it brother!

Nicole said...

YOU'RE COMING HOME IN LIKE...5 DAYS! Sweet, your guys really miss miss you. I miss you too, but they miss you A LOT! (It's kinda driving me insane to be honest).

See you soon!