Tuesday, April 04, 2006

my best buddies

One year ago today I cried tears of joy.
I was in awe, disbelief, and amazement.
One year ago today I saw a picture of God’s love.
A picture that has not faded since that day.
It was a day where I felt things well up inside of me that I have never felt before.
I witnessed a miracle. Well, two miracles.
I witnessed something right in this world of chaos.
I witnessed something as close to the word ‘perfect’ as we will ever see in this life.
There is nothing that can take that day away from me.
On April 4, 2005 I felt a kind of love that I had never experienced, nor could ever properly explain.
I knew from that day forward, my heart would never be the same.
My heart was captured.
My spirit was stirred.
I treasure that day, but not as much as I treasure the two miracles.

Happy Birthday Buddies.

I love you both so much.


Jerry DePoy Jr. said...

Has it already been 1 year? Wow, these little guys have brought so much joy to alot of people. I don't know any other infants that have their own blogspot site (and they get more hits per day than most of us did put together!)

See you in a few weeks, Eric.

Andrea Rudd said...

Did you have to make me cry? Thanks for loving the boys so much, Eric. We all miss you so much. Come home quickly.
Much love, Andrea

Carl said...

when do you come back?

Carl said...

i have been greatly dissappointed in the lack of blog action, updates have been few and far between.