Thursday, June 01, 2006

wednesday conversation

This is a conversation that took place between myself, my brother Nick, and Josh Miller yesterday afternoon....

Josh: What time are the Pistons on tonight?

Eric: Eight.

Josh: o'clock?

Nick: No, muffins.


Nicole said...



Jerry DePoy Jr. said...

So I was watching ESPN Classic the other day, and they captured the old school Chicago Bulls.

Does anyone remember Luc Longley?

I was mesmorized.

Eric, didn't you say you ran into him at a Wendy's in Gary, Indiana? Didn't he buy you a Frosty or something?

Or maybe it was Kenny "Sky" Walker; I get them both mixed up.
Or maybe it was that Mexican pitcher from the '84 Tigers. What was his name...

Jerry DePoy Jr. said...

Fernando Ortega!

Oh wait a minute, that's a singer. Seriously, I can't remember his name.