Friday, July 30, 2010

what's so amazing about grace?

it's waking up every morning, knowing that the air you're about to breathe is a gift from God.
it's taking one step at a time, understanding that God's path for me is anointed and ordained.
it's seeing four walls around me and a roof over my head and suddenly realizing my perspective of life is not like those less-fortunate.
it's going to work and realizing that I am one of the lucky ones able to provide for my family.
it's having food in front of me three times a day, but understanding that it's only my Savior that sustains me.
it's looking into the eyes of my beautiful wife knowing I never should have done this well!
it's seeing my friends who have been infected with this grace line up one after the other, ready to serve for the greater good of God's kingdom.
it's being completely humbled by looking my sin straight in the face, knowing that what I deserve is eternity in Hell.
it's understanding that the beauty God put in nature and on this earth is only a glimpse of what He is truly capable of.
it's watching my son being born, seeing how perfect he is in every way, knowing that I have done absolutely nothing to deserve to be a part of this miracle.
it's looking in his baby eyes every day that reminds me that if God's grace is for me, then it is for everyone. I don't deserve any blessing I have ever received on this earth, but I will let it be known that it is only by His grace I am blessed at all.
I love you Jesus.

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