Thursday, July 27, 2006

new days

Today is a good day.
The sun is shining and there's a smile on my face.
moving on.
moving forward.
I'm excited.
thanks for your prayers and encouragement!


Jerry DePoy Jr. said...

There he is...

There's the Eric we all know and love.

There's the big shooter.

Look at 'em.

He looks glorious!

aimee marie said...

it's good to have you back friend!!

Wags said...

you're my boy blue!

Jason said...

hey buddy...

I continue to pray for you. Time will heal, but I know that there in no gaurantee of how much time it will take. Don't rush the healing...let God determine the timing so that there is full recovery without alot of scar tissue. Love you bro.


Janell said...

I love your honesty - its refreshing. Get a couple friends to come down to a Cubs/Sox game soon (depending on your loyalties) : )