Monday, July 24, 2006


nothing can replace emotion.
like time, once it is spent, you can't get it back.
no wonder I am running out.
I wonder if I'll have enough for when I really need it.
I wonder if I am growing calous and if my heart has taken all that it can handle.


I wonder if there is a cure for this ache.


I wonder if You are still a just God.
I am on the journey You have called me to be on.
I am living everyday in pursuit of what You have for me.
I empty myself everyday before You.
why won't You bless me?


Cadie Rae said...

Sometimes Breaking up with someone makes no sense at the time and it feels like you or that person has died even... I am so sorry because I know that this feels like the worse thing that could have possibly happen to you and it will take a while to move on and see what Gods plan really is in your life. God is always in Control Eric and if I would have not believed that and listened to him I would not have Paul, Ellie Rae or this new baby. So please don't dwell too long in this place. There is a bigger picture for you even if it does not feel like that. Sometimes things don't happen as fast as we wish. So sorry if this is too bold. I love ya Brother.

Jerry DePoy Jr. said...

God has blessed you Eric, with amazing friends, phenomenal talents, and the gift of His Son. I know you know all this, but sometimes we lose sight of His all-sufficient Grace when we feel the pain of rejection.

But you are very much not alone. You are surrounded with people who are feeling this with you.

Jason said...

Read the first couple verses of Jer. is the one I was trying to remember yesterday...I just love the honesty. I felt a bit of that in this blog. Continue to journey through this with honesty. I'm praying for you today bro.


Holly said...

jeremiah 29:11

hang in there buddy :(

David Drury said...

Good having lunch with you today, bro.

Since you're a musician I figure this is your therapy:

I like your beard of mouring BTW.