Friday, September 28, 2007

my 205th post!!

I missed my 200th post a few days back so I thought I would take the time to at least celebrate something.... better than my 28th birthday which is one week from today...
I've had this blog for just over two years now... an average of 100 posts per year isn't too bad in the blogger world I suppose... it's been quite a journey... for those of you who follow my life and it's ins and outs know how crazy things have been!
The latest chapter of my life has been an awkward one... one I didn't really see coming... stepping away from my job at the church was not an easy decision... I really thought I would gain some sense of clarity about my future while I'm on the road, but sometimes I sit back and think that I'm just more confused... maybe confused isn't the right word... the biggest question that I wanted answered was whether or not I wanted to immediately jump back into full-time ministry when the tour is over... and I still feel like I don't know... I hope and pray that it will be clear to me at the right time.
On a lighter note, I had Chipotle for dinner tonight in Ohio... it was awesome. and by the way, if you haven't checked out AG Silver's music yet, do yourself a favor and do so immediately... you will never regret it the rest of your life...
Traveling has been great... I wish I could see every inch of the whole world, but if I traveled to a different place every day of my life from here on out I still wouldn't even come close... oh well... at least I have this time to do a little traveling in the U.S!!

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Greta said...

Eric, just want to let you know that you are missed and are being prayed for. Several of my girls at FUSION said that they missed your 'music'. Anyways keep seeking out God and listen for His voice. In His time and way you will find peace about all that is confusing you. By the way hoe that you have a very happy birthday on the road and that the band sings to you. Do they know it's your birthday? If not you should let them know. Prayin' for you.