Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Moody and Tozer

Moody and Tozer are the two canines in the household...
Moody (named after the great D.L. Moody) is an 11 year old lab mix. She loves to be around people and to be petted...
Tozer (named after the great A.W. Tozer) is a 7 week old lab-beagle mix... I love this little pup... not just because it is the offspring of my two favorite breeds of dog, but also the fact that he is a puppy... aren’t they all irresistable?

I have been meeting so many incredible people of different race and background here. I wish all of you could meet all of them... it definately helps to be making friends here to dull the pain of missing all of you!

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NormaJeansDaughters said...

Hi from "Katie's Mom". I found your blog hopping from Katie's to Ryan's (I was curious about Ryan's 'other dance partner')
I didn't know you were in Africa..add you to my prayers..and the Hiles..
But I must confess, The main reason I am commenting is