Wednesday, March 01, 2006

my week

There might be some of you out there who are thinking that I may just be on an extended vacation out here because all's I post about is my evenings and weekends.... and yes, that is when I do my 'fun' stuff, but during the week I work and keep very busy at doing ministry...

-I am leading Junior High and Senior High youth and planning events and Bible studies for both
-I am in charge of developing other youth leaders for when I leave
-I plan the worship service for Sunday and run rehearsals as well as individual music lessons for the musicians
-I am in charge of developing other worship leaders for when I leave
-I have a sermon that I have to preach in a few weeks that I have been trying to get together
-2 to 3 days a week I am in the studio editing the church's latest youth camp video
-Tuesday's are staff meetings
-Wednesday nights are Bible Studies
-and I try to meet with people within the church to cultivate relationships and also invest into them

Anyway, I will surely have more to blog about later! you know it's coming....
Meanwhile, here's a picture of my lunch today...


Live it up... said...

Hey, glad to hear about Africa! Use all of the time you have's valuable!


Nicole said...

uhhh...yeah, i signed in under someone elses name i guess? so this is actually mine, not the one above...oopsy