Saturday, September 30, 2006

over the knoll

I have never dreaded a birthday before... not that I'm even really 'dreading' this particular birthday THAT much, but it HAS been in my thoughts more than any other that I've ever had... and only because of the number associated with this one.

October 5: I'm turning 27.

I know that most of you that read this blog are older than I am so maybe you can back me up here (either that, or just shake your head in amusement)... presently, I am 26, feeling good about life, feeling young, feeling like I'm in my mid-twenties... but 27, well, now that's just staring 30 right in the face.

So, we have a huge shift here... mid-tewnties to late twenties... one minute I'll be here, and the next I'll be there... the clock will strike at midnight and it will all be over... my youth will be swallowed up with 12 chimes of the ol' grandfather clock...

when the crap did I get this freaking old?


Dan said...

you are old.

well, older than me anyhow.

well, four days older than me.

but still, you're old.

and dude, i'm totally feeling old about turning 27 too. all my life my birthday has been pretty much just another day to me. not something i really cared about much. but this time it does seem a bit different. i don't like it so much.

it's weird man. but as we get older, let's just keep one thing in mind. something that should help us (or at least me) through this: you'll always be older than me. okay, that probably will only help me, but it is helping. thanks for being a good friend. ;-)


Nicole said...

poor eric.
i'm getting old too, everyone is, so don't feel bad.
just think, i'm going to be 18 on october 19...that's halfway to 36. and you're turning 27 so you're halfway to...uhh...the prime of your life!

Cadie Rae said...

Hey Eric don't feel too bad this last birthday I had when I turned 26 I told Paul that my age is now on hold!! :) So I am forever 26. :) To make you feel better Paul turns 29 October 23rd. :) At least you are not him. :) Ha Ha

David Drury said...

To answer your question, EWags... it took you a very long time to get so old.

About 27 years.

No consolation, I know.

bifocals, here you com!


Poor old Eric.
Three days..thought you could use the reminder - I hear 27 is when men start losing their memory. They've done studies.

Amy said...

In my mind for some reason 27 = 30...don't know why. But I'm dredding it too...I have about 2 more months of "mid twenties" left. I know how you feel though. I've been dredding 27 since last Dec when I turned 26!


Happy birthday, Eric! :)

Nicholas Mark Wagenmaker said...

i heard when you turn 27 you have the choice of x ray vision or fire ball throwing

Jerry DePoy Jr. said...

shut up