Sunday, October 30, 2005

life happens

After reading through all of my friend's blogs I've been thinking about how everything is constantly moving, evolving, shaping... From new life to death, from rejoicing to mourning, from new homes to broken homes... It makes me think how some of the places in life that we end up in are a result of our own actions or doings... reaping what we sow. But for others, whether it's just a string of bad luck or just bad judgment they find themselves in these less than desirable places... In fact I think we all eventually end up there or have been there at some point or another. It's like a cycle that life cannot escape. There are joys and sorrows and sometimes it feels like we weren't built to handle it. I think about some of my friends and their situations and realize that I have no problems compared to them... Maybe I'm just not built to handle situations like those... Maybe God sees the strong and tests them to sharpen them... Maybe only those that suffer in their own unique ways can be used by God in such unique ways and in turn be blessed in such unique ways.

Maybe life happens for a reason.


M said...

I think you are right. Diggin' the new blog layout...maybe I need something different too!!

Cadie Rae said...

I don't really think you grow without hard times. What I always remind paul when we look back at the year with no job and how we are constantly catching up. God has something great for us in the future that is why he is testing us now.:)

Tony Myles said...

I'm with you. God has a unique learning curve He invites us into and it's never easy... but it's always "good."