Sunday, October 09, 2005

look how they shine for you

Tonight the stars looked awesome... what a clear night. I got home this evening at about 11:15 and took a walk down to the baseball field where I used to play my little league games. I assumed my spot at second base, there was pitch black all around me except the stars that loomed above my head. I saw a shooting star. It left a beautiful trail in it's wake. I was reminded once again of God's majesty in that quick moment.

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Q said...

I remember that spot at second base. What cool memories!! Remember the year I talked all the spectators into dressing in red and white for every play-off game? Remember Adam pretending to throw the baseball to DJ, but not really, and then tagging the 3rd base runner? Awesome team! Fun years. Speaking of stars, your one. I love you.