Thursday, October 06, 2005

time doesn't matter

So, I'm 26 years old now... 12 years ago I thought for sure that I'd be going into my 6th year as a professional basketball player by now. We all know how that worked out for me eh?

I can't believe it... It doesn't seem like that long ago I was turning 20... In fact I remember it well, which scares me because I know that the time between 26 and 30 is much shorter than the time between 20 and 26... So it's coming quick.

I also can't believe that my sweet little nephews are 6 months old already... It seems like last week I was going to visit them in the hospital. Sheesh.

There is definately not the excitement that there was when I was younger when it comes to birthdays... But my dad did buy my lunch today so that was cool... And there's always the spankings too... yeah, those are great.


Cadie Rae said...

Happy Birthday to you!!! I always think of you on the 5th because that is the day Paul and I got married!! 3 years, I feel old to but I'm only 25. Ha Ha. :)

Q said...

Eric my sweet boy, If you think time flies at this stage of your life, fasten your seatbelt. Were'nt you 2 yesterday? Yeah two!! With that infectious smile and a face that could make t.v commercials. Maybe we should have pursued that instead of sitting for hours on bleachers? I love you, and though I've already said it, Happy Birthday son.