Saturday, October 01, 2005

where I belong

As most of you already know, I love music and being involved in it. I have my own humble record label and manage a few bands/artists. This weekend I am in Columbus, OH acting as a producer/studio musician (electric guitars) in what we have come to call 'The Jason Holdridge Project'. Jason, myself, Brandon and Kevin (both from the band Secondhand) are here recording the very first full-length album that will be released by 153 Records. This is our third trip here in the last few months and we will be down at least one more time to finish the recording. This arena is so me. The environment, the music, the production, the ideas, the people... It's what I'm all about and something that I'm very proud of.

Sunday will be our last day in the studio this weekend and I am pumped to announce that Sparrow Records recording artist Bethany Dillon will be here to add featured vocal tracks on two of the songs for this album! Brandon and Kevin will surely be looking their best and acting their smoothest. (:

No doubt that having Beth involved in this project will give the album immediate credibility! I can't wait for the finished product! I'll keep you all posted on when it will be released...


Q said...

Hi Eric,
I am so happy for you! I want to buy the first copy! I know how hard you've worked and how long you've dreamed about this moment. It sounds like so much fun and I wish I could be there to share in it. I would love to be standing on the sidelines, cheering you on, with a huge smile on my face. It's one of those things I do best. I've done it for years! Why is it I don't have to offer you a "whole pack of gum!!!" to get you to do this? Your mother loves you!!

Sarah said...

so eric thanks for the easy to pick on link for me...just noticed that. well i'm happy that your projects are going well, i remember listening to shaunrda record and i guess you knew what you were doing then....just kidding, i hope all is well and i hope to see ya for thanksgiving break..maybe you could even pick on me a little

aimee marie said...
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Ang said...

happy birthday to you.
happy birthday to you.
happy birthday dear eric.
happy birthday to you.

hope you had a really great day!!


happy birthday, eric!

Wags said...

thanks everyone... It was a great day... other than being one more year closer to 30.