Sunday, December 04, 2005

back to reality

What an adventure! Not only was the weather, food, entertainment, Key West, Playa Del Carma, people, food, dancing, casino, Miami Beach, food, and everything else unbelievably awesome, but the guys I went with were even better. There were 17 of us there for Brian Bradford's bachelor party. I think I knew five of them before we left, but by the time the cruise and road trip were over, I had made some incredible bonds with some incredible guys. Everyone on this trip added their own individual personality and I can honestly say that if we all did this again and even one guy wasn't able to be there something would definately be missing.

It was cool to see that all of the cruise workers were from different countries and were all so friendly. All the guests were very nice as well. You could just walk up to anyone and start a conversation like they were your neighbor that you see every day. Everyone had a different story and different experiences. By about the third day we were all as popular as rock stars because of the talent show that we all performed in. People would say: " hey it's the bachelor party guys!" It was great. This was definately the best vacation that I've ever had and I'm so glad I went. I didn't want it to be over.

I felt like I was in college again surrounded by all these crazy guys playing pranks on each other and just hanging out and sharing thoughts, struggles, and dreams with each other. I think 10 out of the 17 guys there were pastors of some sort and I often thought while we were together how awesome it would be to all be in ministry together. And then I had the thought that we already are. We all have the same passion for Christ and we all want to see the lost be reached. We are all doing this in different churches in different states, but with a common thread. What an awesome trip!!