Monday, December 05, 2005


It was so great to see these two little guys again when I got home. I didn't realize how much I missed them until I actually saw them look up and smile at me... These two little boys have taught me so much about love and how much more the Father's love is for us.

I remember so well just eight months ago Andrea and Daniel were going through such a quick transition and in a matter of four days they were holding these babies in their arms. It was through that situation that really turned my heart towards orphans and motherless children. I hope to someday adopt with my future wife whether or not we are able to have children of our own.

As I've told all of you who read my posts that I am looking forward to serving in Mexico this winter. As it turns out, God has shut that door, but opened up a new one for me at the same time. I was directed by some friends of mine to contact Bobby Hile who is serving in South Africa. He is involved in a church plant there, an AIDS orphanage and is also works in media production. When I contacted him he was immediately excited to have me come down and work with him. I can't wait to see what comes of this while we move forward with this particular journey. Please pray with me that God will prepare my heart for this awesome experience and that I will be able to show Christ's love to the people and children of Durban, South Africa. I also need to raise support very quickly. I know God will provide if He wants me to be there, but I would be so greatful if you kept that in your prayers as well!! Thanks friends.


david rudd said...

very cool, e.

bobby and sarah are great people, you'll enjoy them and learn from them... he's also a dope basketball playa'

Cadie Rae said...

Hey Eric when ya coming to pick up your license?:)

Wags said...

I was gonna stop in tonight, but it ended up being too late... for sure sometime soon though!! thanks again for taking care of that..


happy for you - if you have a chance to go, take it. :)