Thursday, September 01, 2005

smiles and cries

will crying
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Today I was spending time with my nephews and I couldn't help but notice that Will had been growing more and more fussy. Like the good uncle that I am, I decided I would cheer him up. Thus began a ridiculous spectacle of gooing, cooing and tickling all in a high-pitched voice... All things any normal human being would refrain from doing in public. Will seemed politely amused and gave the occasional courtesy smile, but seemed always on the fence of crying and smiling. As I think back on this situation now, I wonder if he didn't want to be cheered up. Maybe he was upset for a darn good reason and needed to let somebody know. I put myself in his shoes, (or booties) and know that there are times when I am not happy and don't want anything to do with someone trying to cheer me up. I am the type of guy who will laugh at just about anything, so people who know me and know when I am upset will eventually get me to laugh. But they never know that I really don't feel like laughing and it just makes me more upset. So... To Will: I'm sorry dog, I've been there. You cry when you need to little man... ain't no shame in it.

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