Thursday, September 15, 2005

real-life tetris

A few weeks ago I was helping some friends move. We had to load all their 'stuff' into trucks and trailers, bring it all to their new home and then unload it all. I nominated myself to be the official 'loader'. People would bring me boxes and I would load them into the trucks strategically so that as many boxes as possible could fit. I took a great deal of pride from the superb job that I did. It made me think of how I was pretty sweet at the game Tetris. Fitting pieces just so, eliminating lines, saving the eliminations until you got a 'long 4' and could wipe out 4 lines of blocks... Loading trucks has the same basic concepts except the fact that they didn't disappear after I lined them all up perfectly. I wish I had a picture of these truck beds so you could better understand my thoughts here... Just imagine 3 pick-up trucks with boxes of all shapes and sizes in the beds of these trucks... Then imagine no gaps or spaces between these boxes, but perfection all the way around. They looked like mini, city sky-lines. I've been craving Tetris ever since...

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Cadie Rae said...

Hey Buddy I just wanted to leave you a message and now I have this blog thing. :) So I guess I am going to try it. :) I work way too much and it might be fun to unplug myself this way ya know. :)
Hey you should stop by sometime me and Ellie would love to see ya. Cadie Rae