Saturday, September 10, 2005

here we go again

Ah yes, the cool breeze, the fall weather approaching... Saturday afternoons of watching the Wolverines lay the smack down on their opposition...

I love the fall and football is a big reason why... but here's the dilemma: I'm a Michigan Wolverines fan as well as a Detroit Lions fan... (I'll never be swayed so don't try). As far as the Lions go, you always come to accept humiliation, but U of M just breaks your heart... They start the season with a couple of wins and are usually ranked in the top 5 of the nation. Then they blow it with one loss. This loss drops their ranking to like 14th which means they have to try and claw their way back up to the top for the rest of the season. They usually make it back up to like 6 or 7 and maybe a bid to a respectable bowl, but no chance at a Title. This has been a pattern since their last championship in '97.

This afternoon my mighty Wolverines host the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. This was the first big game that they lost last year and hopes for a National Title went down the pooper. Even though they ought to win this game and probably will, this does not mean that they won't fall into the same routine as years past and break my heart. It really is a shame because of the talent that UM recruits. But I figure if they don't make an impact in college, they could hope to be drafted by the Lions.

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