Sunday, September 04, 2005

little to give lots to gain

I find that when I'm worshipping and my life is going well, it is easy to sing and praise God with what seems like everything I am, but when I'm broken and hurting the most and have almost nothing left to hang on to, it's more difficult. I believe that this falls back on surrendering all control to Christ. This morning it was so hard for me to sing such simple but loaded words... 'we're all about you and world you promised and all we have we give you praise.' This morning I knew exactly what I had left, and when I decided to sing those lyrics on the third time through, I began to break down emotionally. I broke down because I meant what I was singing. I believe that in the moments that we are the weakest and most heavy-laden, and are able to lay our burdens fully at the feet of Jesus, we have the world to gain. It is in these times that you know God is working on you... And He is faithful.


George said...

hey....thanks for the comment on my blog. Love the thoughts on surrendering all to God, especially in the times of brokenness. When we look at the love that God had for us while he was in agony on the cross, then we can see all the more how he will comfort us in our own times of agony and distress. With our eyes fixed always on the cross, we can really see his faithfulness.

Kathy said...

Just found your blog off of Kate McDonalds. Sunday was the 20th anniversary date of the death of my 3 year old daughter from heart surgery.

I break down almost every Sunday when we are singing to our Lord.
I so identify with what you wrote. Thanks for sharing. This helped me more than I can say.