Saturday, September 10, 2005


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I have never stopped to think about how big the earth actually is. I mean compared to the size of a human, it seems infinite. As the day comes closer to Virginia leaving for Ethiopia, many things become more real to me... And for one who hasn't stopped to think about reality too often, that is pretty scary. Things like space, distance, time, communication, etc... Things that have always been there but are not often thought of (unless you're Andrew Rudd). I was looking at a globe to see just how far away Ethiopia is from my safety-net here in Skee-town... On a 12 inch sphere, nothing looks too intimidating, but watching her pack tonight and as I was thumbing through her airline tickets and itinerary (she is scheduled to fly out Wednesday at 1:20pm) I was captured by reality to the point where I couldn't escape it. It was frightening. The only other feeling that I can relate this to is as a child, at that moment when you realize that you have been caught and know that you're in huge trouble. You all know what I'm talking about (unless you're Angela Rudd).

As I think about all of this and what it means, I think the thing I fear the most is putting my faith in what is not clear. I have no idea what will come of this situation, but pray that God continues to have His hand in it.

I'll hopefully have other topics to write about in the future, but it's hard not to share what occupies most of my thoughts.

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Redbaerd said...

When I first read this post, I thought about responding with some kind of vengeful vindication of endlessly long-winded reflections on the world's abstractions,

but while I was getting ready to post my comment I got distracted by a squirrel on a telephone wire outside the window.

Suddenly I realized that that squirrel was a metaphor for the way that we treat time -- particularly in its relationship to space. Paws!? and Wire?! Together? Wow. To say nothing about our cognitive relationship between distance and communication. I mean look at that squirrel's tail!

The squirrel almost lost its balance and spun around and ran back to the telephone pole. Mmmm. I thought to myself, agreeing with the squirrel's theoretical comment on my ponderings. How True.

Okay, I've got to get back to serious contemplation now. Enough blogging...

(p.s. the Ang Punchline was worth the expense of me being the setup. Sorry, Ang. I know you're edgy now that you're an adult -- and so goth and all -- but honestly? Could you imagine ever getting into *huge* trouble in that perfectly pink room?)