Sunday, September 18, 2005

one year to go

It is crazy to think that Virginia is in Ethiopia right now. I can no longer just pick up my cell phone and talk to her, or buzz 20 minutes down the road to see her. I don't even know how much access she'll have to a phone or e-mail over there.
Yesterday seeing her leave was hard. Just thinking that the image I have of her driving away is the last image I'll have of her for a while... There are of course other good images from previous times we have had together, but anyway, the most recent image.
Last night I was driving and saw how beautiful the moon looked. It reminded me that her and I are still under that same moon. I know God is bigger than this universe and not only does he hold it, but also everyone in it.


Mikey said...

I know the feeling of seeing someone for the last time, knowing it will be forever before you see them again. I got to do that in June when Jessica left for Florida. Good thing for you is it sounds like she is coming back in a year. :)

david rudd said...

actually, being in different hemispheres, you'll be under the same moon but not at the same time. so this romantic notion that you and she are looking at the moon together... nope. sorry.


the moon last night was ROCKIN'! marianne and i called it "Cosmo's Moon". watch Moonstruck to understand... actually, don't watch it, i think its rated R. see if you can find the TV version.

Wags said...

I knew that dave... thanks.

Sarah said...

Hey Eric,
it's been a long time, well thanks for the comment. I'm sorry about your recent situation that your in, and i will pray for Virginia as she's in Ethiopia.

Ryan said...

Hmm... Ethiopia. Things are different there, aren't they? You know what Ethiopia means in Spanish, don't you?